Coffee machine Melitta Barista F78-100 TSP

Super automatic coffee machine Melitta Barista F78-100 TSP

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Bean container2x 135 g Water tank1,8 lCups of coffee per day60-80

Super automatic coffee machine Melitta Caffeo Barista TSP is the best way to make 21 coffee beverages just at a touch of one button. Minimalist design, exceptionally durable materials and intuitive menu will satisfy every user's need, and additional thermos will keep the milk always fresh and cool.

The machine has a number of functions to facilitate daily use. One of the most important ones is the one-button milk based coffee preparation, including two at the same time, thanks to the "Double Cup" mode. The "Touch & Slide" function makes access to all functions of this machine very simple and pleasant.

The characteristic feature of Melitta coffee machines is a double coffee grinder, which allows us to freely use two different coffee beans at the same time. The "Automatic bean selection" feature allows us to determine which beans to choose for specific coffee drink.

Bean to Cup is an innovative approach to the operation of the grinder, so every cup of coffee is freshly ground in exactly the amount we want - no coffee from the day before!

An additional advantage of the machine is the ability to set up eight individual profiles, so every office worker can program coffee according to their own taste. Additionally, in each of the profiles you can program the "My Coffee" function in addition to the standard 21 coffees up to 8 times!

Melitta Barista's performance is about 60-80 cups of coffee per day.

Technical data:

  • Warranty: 24 months;
  • Use of coffee: Beans;
  • Capacity of water container: 1.8 l;
  • Capacity of coffee bean container: 2 x 135 g;
  • Manufacturer: Melitta;
  • Power: 1450 W;
  • Water pump pressure: 15 bar;
  • Water filter: yes;
  • Coffee strenght regulation: 5 levels;
  • Power Saver Mode: yes;
  • Double cup function: yes;
  • Adjustable height of the coffee dispenser: Up to 140 mm;
  • Additional features: Automatic cleaning system, Automatic descaling, Cup heating;
  • Type of coffee grinder: Steel;
  • Programmed water temperature: 4 levels;
  • Dimensions (H x D x W), cm: 37.2 x 46.7 x 25.9;
  • Type: Automatic;
  • Type cappucinatore: Automatic;
  • Milk container: Yes;
  • Adjustable coffee grinder: Yes;
  • Adjustable amount of coffee: Yes;
  • Weight: 10 kg;
  • Country of origin: Germany.


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Coffee machine Melitta Barista F78-100 TSP

Coffee machine Melitta Barista F78-100 TSP

Super automatic coffee machine Melitta Barista F78-100 TSP